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Affliction is born
Affliction is a raiding guild on the EQ Titan server. We will entertain transfers from PEQ as it can be facilitated from EQ Titan.

We are currently at Stage 5 in terms of progression outlined Here.

We've started our PoP flagging. Please check back often as we're plowing through content!
Guild News    

Progression News

eqbegone, Dec 6, 10 11:23 AM.
This weekend we walked into Sol Ro's tower and started flagging for Sol Ro's chamber. On first attempt, Arlyxir, Xuzl, and Rizlona all dispatched.


Holiday Weekend - Double XP!

eqbegone, Nov 29, 10 12:33 AM.
Well, since Titan has double xp in effect this weekend, we've been busy grinding more AA.

We did have time to get a raid or two in, though!

Below you will find Aerin'Dar's corpse, followed by what might be VZ's best self portait yet.




Stay tuned for some more corpse shots this week! Affliction is nearing Elemental Planes access!

Hedge and Terris Thule

eqbegone, Nov 16, 10 3:58 AM.
After completing the Hedge event tonight, we went and killed Terris Thule; another guild first!


Busy busy weekend...

eqbegone, Nov 15, 10 11:49 AM.
Emp, Cursed, HP/XTC/AL all cleared this weekend as well as Bertoxxulous (guild first)!


Along with kicking ass, we're also recruiting the following classes:

Rangers 2
Clerics 1
Mage 1
Enchanter 1
Necro 1
Beastlord 1


1. Be above level 60 and actively working toward 65. This is a very flexible requirement; we won't be flexible for long with it.
2. Begin working on your EMP/VT/VP keys. We will complete these for you, but showing desire to raid by starting these shows innititve and desire to be apart of our raid force.
3. Active play schedule. Please don't apply if you're A). Needing guild hall access. or B). Plan on logging in only once a month.

If interested, please send a tell to Begone, Yenom, Battledawg, or Zirog in game.
Affliction - EQ Titan is currently recruiting the following:
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